Open Banking World Congress 2019

Insights & connections to accelerate new banking propositions and financial inclusion

7-8 May 2019 London

Join 350+ senior finance innovators to focus on accelerating the value of Open Banking.  

  • How is commercialisation beginning to occur and what propositions show promise?
  • What do we already know about consumer behaviour and how can this shape your engagement and retention strategy?
  • How will Open Banking improve financial inclusion and, in doing so, generate prosperity and enable you to reach new markets?

Taking a practical, operational, approach the Open Banking World Congress will help you to capitalise on the promise of Open Banking, and avoid the risks.

(formerly the original and leading Open Banking Europe Summit 2016-2018)

6 Reasons Why You Should Attend

1. With 2019 set to be the year we see commercialisation accelerate, find out what your peers are working on. Discuss what success will look like in the coming years and benchmark your plans.


2. Hear from the most innovative and disruptive companies, including Alibaba and BBVA.  Chatham House Rule and a highly interactive format will enable you to ask the questions you’d like to hear answered.


3. Continue your journey of discovery into the emerging new world order of open finance. Apply your learnings to your business plan and strategy, in order to cement your position in the future ecosystem.


4. Explore collaborative business models for successful delivery. Find out which partnerships are working best and form new connections of your own to help achieve your goals.


5. Challenge each other, led by exceptional speakers with practical expertise, to uncover the real value from Open Banking. Roundtables and open mic Q&A sessions will give you access to candid opinions.


6. Learn how financial inclusion propositions will improve debt management and empower the unbanked.  Discuss how this will ripple into an improved economy and new revenue streams.

What our delegates said about last year’s event: 

“ECN’s Open Banking Summit stood out due to the quality and the mix of speakers – every relevant sector involved in the space was well represented.”


“Being an ECN speaker was a great experience. The high standards you set, and the friendliness and efficiency with which you execute them, resulted in a very useful Summit that I was proud to be part of.”


“Extremely informative, one of the best tech in banking events I’ve ever attended”

Danske Bank

“It was great to see challengers and banks sharing ideas about the future of open banking. Working together will achieve the best outcome for customers.”


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Good range of topics and speakers.”

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