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Open Banking Australia - Agenda

Shaping global banking opportunities and legislation in the open economy

Summit - 26th September, 2018

Morning Session




Chair's Welcome

Jamie Leach, CEO, ODI Australian Network


The Consumer Data Right: a first step to an open economyKeynote

  • Analysis of the changing Australian data landscape
  • Overview of Australia’s Open Banking regulatory approach
  • Scope of requirements and timetable for implementation
  • Examples of future products built from APIs

Dr. Leila Fourie, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Payments Network


Global banking presentation: UK & Europe

  • Analysis of compliance with PSD2 and UK Open Banking
  • Expectations for how compliance requirements and strategies will shift following Brexit
  • Building a top-notch platform offering targeted products
  • Lessons learned in this varied market and how consumers responded
  • Using aggregated data for commercial benefit

Tony Fish, Co-Founder, Allternet


Open Banking: Bringing Regulation and Technology together for Digital Transformation

  • The continental journey of Open Banking: Synopsis of regulations in UK, EU and Australia
  • Why Open Banking is a Digital Transformation opportunity in disguise
  • Building an open banking strategy for long-term success
  • The winning technology mix for Digital Transformation through Open Banking

Seshika Fernando, Head of Financial Solutions, WS02


Networking Break


Market use cases for monetisation and consumer educationPanel

  • Using open banking as an opportunity to differentiate yourself
  • Building mutually beneficial partnerships for targeted services
  • Proving your value with public fee disclosure requirements
  • Analysis of consumer use throughout Australia to date
  • Building consumer trust and education on the security, benefits and risks of data sharing
  • Varying strategies between traditional and challenger banks
  • Common pitfalls

Tony Fish, Co-Founder, Allternet

Lucas Challamel, Senior Consultant Digital Technology, UBank
Danny Gilligan, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Reinventure
Katie Mihell, Director Business Development, Westpac
Matt Barr, SVP Product and Innovation, Mastercard


Debating data access, privacy & liabilityRoundtable Discussion

  • Determining who owns what data
  • Monitoring data access: who should have access and why?
  • Liability for misdirected or incorrect payments and data breaches
  • Ensuring explicit and informed customer consent for data sharing
  • How much data needs to be shared with third parties?
  • Balancing multi-factor authentication for enhanced security while avoiding additional barriers to entry
  • Limits on real-time data access requests
  • Analysing the risks in third party authorisation for transaction processing

Discussion Leaders:

Greg Booker, Group Chief Information Officer, RACQ
Jamie Leach, CEO, ODI Australian Network
Tony Fish, Co-Founder, Allternet


Networking Lunch

Afternoon Session


Cross-industry APIs and the open economyPanel

  • Current retail market use of open APIs
  • The successful use of APIs in telecommunications companies
  • Social networks engaging users to improve comfort with data sharing
  • Financial advisors and insurance companies partnering with banks for personalised rates, quotes and advice
  • Preparing APIs for interoperability between sectors

Jamie Leach, CEO, Open Data Institute Australian Network

Greg Booker, Group Chief Information Officer, RACQ
Eldar Allahverdiyev, Chief Technology Officer, Get Capital


Shaping a universal framework around interoperabilityRoundtable

  • Universal authorisation mechanisms and security standards
  • Technical standards on how all participants will connect and share data
  • Alternative options beyond open APIs
  • The role of middleware providers: how much data they should have access to, and their position as trusted intermediaries
  • Account portability between jurisdictions


Networking Break


Global banking presentation: Japan & Mexico

  • Structure of the Open Banking regulation in Mexico
  • The cautious approach focused on personal data privacy in Japan
  • Analysis of what can be learned from these alternative approaches: how will Australia’s regulation continue to evolve?

David Beardmore, Commercial Director, Open Data Institute (ODI)


The future of the competitive banking environmentPanel

  • Technologies on the horizon: cryptocurrencies, AI implementation, virtual chatbots, augmented reality, etc.
  • Cross-industry and cross-border partnerships changing the economy
  • Understanding the value of data and security issues
  • The changing roles of challenger banks and other financial services professionals
  • The future of personal credit scores, transparency in lending, and strategies in data protection and privacy
  • Running existing migrations in parallel wih the new Open Banking platform

Seshika Fernando, Head of Financial Solutions, WS02

Ryan Gonsalves, Head of Innovation and Change, AMP Bank Limited
Joanne Henaghan, Chief Innovation Officer, Credabl
Venkatesh Saha, Head of Banking - Asia Pacific, TransferWise


Chair's Summary & Close of Summit

Jamie Leach, CEO, ODI Australian Network

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