Open Banking World Congress 2019

Day One - 7th May, 2019

Progress and emerging opportunities




Chair's welcome

David Beardmore, Commercial Director, Open Data Institute (ODI)


Guest speaker: Doing things differently...the future and what to do about it

Mark Stevenson, Futurist, author & expert on trends & innovation


Host Country Keynote Panel: Reviewing the UK’s Open Banking Progress

  • What were the CMA hoping would be achieved?
  • Are the CMA happy with progress so far, what has surprised them?
  • How has the banking industry embraced open banking and what have been the challenges?
  • Accelerating new propositions: what do we want to achieve in 2019 and where do we see ourselves in five years time?

Bill Roberts, Head of Open Banking, Competition and Markets Authority (UK)
Paul Horlock, CEO, Pay.UK
Marion King, Director of Payments, NatWest
Steve Smith, Managing Director for Customer Development & Innovation, Lloyds Bank
Mark Curran, Director of Data, Payments & Open Banking, CYBG
Louise Beaumont, Chair, Advisor, Investor


Thought piece: How Banks can Embrace the Open Banking Moment

  • Take a page from media companies and use big data to innovate at scale
  • Leverage tech that will help you add value to the data, and offer advice and insights
  • Two things you can do to differentiate your business beyond offering digital services

Gwen Sandberg, Director of Business Development, Tink


Coffee & networking break


Keynote Panel: Global Perspectives on Mandatory vs. Voluntary Adoption and Open Banking implementation around the worldKeynote Panel

  • Where are the most exciting developments happening and why?
  • The role of risk and regulation in shaping innovation
  • Delivering on the value proposition of Open Banking
  • The Three Pillars of Open Banking & lessons learned

Sophia Bantanadis, Sophia Bantanidis, Head of Regulatory Strategy & Policy TTS Innovation Treasury & Trade Solutions, Citi
Carlos Figueredo, CEO & Founder, Open Vector
Martin Sladecek, Chapter Lead of Open Banking, Research & UX Testing, Komercni banka
Arturo González Mac Dowell, President & CEO, Eurobits


Panel: Open Banking for Financial Inclusion, progress in AfricaPanel

Rafe Mazer, Regulation Consultant, FSD Kenya
Adédèjì Ọlọ́wẹ̀, Trustee, Open Banking Nigeria
Tumubweinee Twinemanzi, Executive Director Supervision, Bank of Uganda
John Karamuka, Director, Payment Systems, National Bank of Rwanda


Networking lunch

Afternoon stream 1: Customer Engagement


Chair's welcome

Don Thibeau, Chairman, Open Identity Exchange (OIX)


Thought piece: How can TPPs meet consumer needs?

  • What do consumers need and want?
  • Challenges to meeting consumer needs
  • Making the value exchange work for both TPP and consumer

Faith Reynolds, Independent Consumer Expert


Customer insight panel: customer engagement and user experience


  • How are consumer engaging – what’s been the uptake?
  • What are the conditions for successfully engaging consumers?
  • How is Open Banking helping to break down the barriers?



Faith Reynolds, Independent Consumer Expert
Michael Rolph, Co-Founder & CEO, Yoyo
Leon Muis, Chief Business Officer, Yolt
Victor Trokoudes, Co-founder & CEO, Plum
Joe Craig, Development Lead, QuietRoom


Case Study: Open Banking will revolutionise how customers access credit

  • Customer awareness of Open Banking, does it matter?
  • How will customers benefit?
  • What are the drivers of customer adoption?

David Firth, Head of Product Management, Open Banking, TransUnion


Coffee & networking break


The best roundtables ever!

A discovery session with each roundtable participant sharing what the best customer engagement in open banking looks like for them, so far.  This will be based on their own organisation’s efforts of either planning, doing or observing.

Roundtable leaders:

Amiran Pinto, Product Marketing Manager, NICE Real-Time Authentication
Milko Radotic, Chief Commercial Officer, The ID Co


Thought piece: Just comply or truly compete?

Observations on how to differentiate in Open Banking using digital identity

Paul O’Carroll, UK Finance Lead, ForgeRock


GoCompare & Money Dashboard: An invitation to collaborate

Steve Tigar, CEO, Money Dashboard


Chair's closing remarks

Afternoon stream 2: Monetisation


Chair's welcome

Ralph Bragg, Founder & Partner, Raidiam


The BBVA Open Banking Experience

  • Lessons we’ve learnt in developing and sharing the BBVA API Market
  • How this is being received around the world
  • How is this benefiting our own consumer propositions?

Carlos Lopez Moctezuma, Head of Open Banking, BBVA


Panel: How are Banks Planning to Generate Revenue from Open Banking?


  • Propositions for corporates and SMEs
  • What new products can banks create that will make them money?

  • Where is open banking taking banking?

  • How can banks leverage on the technology that we have already invested in to turn it into a business platform?

Martin Sladecek, Chapter Lead of Open Banking, Research & UX Testing, Komercni banka
Markku Huotari, Head of Open Banking, OP Financial Group
Markus Zachariadis, Assoc. Professor of Information Systems & Management, Warwick Business School
Mark Hartley, Founding Partner, BankiFi
Daniel Ehreich, Head of Open Banking & Innovation, Bank of Ireland


The Future of Open Banking Payments: Driving Revenue Opportunities for Third Parties

  • New research results showcasing current state of Pan-European bank readiness
  • Fundamental improvements required to remove constraints
  • Live use cases today delivering real cost savings and operational efficiencies
  • Next wave of breakthrough customer-centric open banking payment propositions

Todd Clyde, Chief Operating Officer, Token


Coffee & networking break


The best roundtables ever!

A discovery session with each roundtable participant sharing what the best proposition(s) looks like for them, so far.  This will be based on their own organisation’s efforts of either planning, doing or observing.

Niall Buckley, Head of Digital Ecosystems, Allied Irish Bank
Conny Dorrestijn, Founding Partner, BankiFi


Thought piece: Unlocking the value of Open Banking

Leon Muis, Chief Business Officer, Yolt


Chair's closing remarks


Drinks reception

Day Two - 8th May, 2019

The changing face of banking, finance and beyond




Chair's welcome

David Beardmore, Commercial Director, Open Data Institute (ODI)


Welcome Keynote: What's next in Open Banking?

Imran Gulamhuseinwala, Implementation Trustee, Open Banking Implementation Entity, UK


Keynote: Driving open banking innovation in the Alibaba ecommerce ecosystem and beyond

  • How is Alibaba planning to develop open banking opportunities?
  • What’s happening in China and what impact will this have globally?
  • Case studies

Yeming Wang, Business General Manager, EMEA, Alibaba Cloud


Keynote: Global perspectives and user feedback: How Google is observing the evolution of open banking and what we think might have potential

  • How we see open banking developing in different ways around the world
  • What our users are telling us (and where it might take us)
  • How do we think the ecosystem is developing and what value propositions offer potential rather than hype?

Diana Layfield, Vice President, Next Billion Users Payments, Google


Open Banking & the Future of Commerce

A focus on open networks delivering value for corporate institutions.

Lola Adebanji, Director eCommerce Payments Lead EMEA, Citi


Coffee & networking break


Designing the future of Open Banking

  • The global view
  • Where does ‘Open’ go next and what capabilities are needed

Gavin Littlejohn, Chairman, Financial Data & Technology Association


Data mobility: The personal data portability growth opportunity for the UK economy

Louise Beaumont, Chair, Advisor, Investor
Liz Brandt, Co-founder & CEO, Ctrl-Shift
Mark Potton, Senior Strategy & Innovation Development Manager, Ventures, BT
Rachel Posgate, Director, Joint Ventures and Partnerships, British Gas


Keynote panel: Where will banks be in 5, 10 years time? With AISP/PISPs providing open data, how will roles evolve?

Uttiyo Dasgupta, Head of Transaction Banking, HSBC
David Parker, Founder & CEO, Polymath Consulting
Michael Maier, Co-founder, Fidor AG
Carlos Lopez Moctezuma, Head of Open Banking, BBVA
Helen Bierton, Head of Retail Banking, Starling Bank
Algirdas Neciunskas, Director, Market Infrastructure Department, Bank of Lithuania


Networking lunch

Afternoon stream 1: Customer centric propositions


Chair's welcome

Alex Rolfe, Managing Director & Publisher, Payments, Cards & Mobile


Interview – beyond account aggregation app, what else is possible?

Alex Rolfe, Managing Director & Publisher, Payments, Cards & Mobile
Rupert Lee-Browne, Chief Executive, Caxton FX


Case Study: Reinventing SME banking one API at a time

  • Video: The small business banking experience
  • What to consider and competition  
  • What’s happening now to develop new banking models and propositions & how is it shaping up in Santander
  • Video: Santander’s new updated small business banking experience
  • The future of banking models and what is possible over the next 5/10 years for both small businesses and banks

Jonathan Holman, Director, Transformation, Santander UK Corporate Banking
Nicholas Heller, CEO & Founder, Fractal Labs


Coffee & networking break

Compliance & regulations


A Sprint Through the Ecosystem: How Open Standards and Self-Certification are Helping Drive Open Banking

Don Thibeau, Chairman, Open Identity Exchange (OIX)


Panel: Protection of Data: Ensuring it is only given to Regulated Parties

Brendan Jones, Chief Commercial Officer, Konsentus
Kai Zhang, Associate Director, Financial Regulatory, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
Helene Oger-Zaher, Retail Banking & Conduct Expert, European Banking Authority


Discussing the liability question: who is responsible if it all goes wrong?

Philip James, Partner, Sheridans
David O’Neill, CEO, APImetrics


Chair's closing remarks

Afternoon stream 2: Financial inclusion


Chair's welcome

Gareth McNab, Money Advice Liaison Manager, Nationwide


Panel - How will Open Banking benefit the poor & unbanked and what will this mean for the finance sector?

Suzie Gilbert, Consultant on Social Impact, ThoughtWorks
Rafael Garcia-Navarro, Co-founder, CEO & Chief Data Scientist,
Crispin Rogers, Founder & CEO, For Good Causes
Karen Elliott, Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor Enterprise & Innovation, Newcastle University
Kevin Telford, Advisor, ThoughtWorks


Improving financial well-being for 23m people

Jess Salisbury, Money Coaching Program Manager, Tully
David Coghlan, Head of Marketing, OpenWrks


Open Banking for financial inclusion in action: Rebuilding the financial safety net for the self employed

  • Income smoothing business banking for the self employed

Garrett Cassidy, Co-founder & CEO, Trezeo


Coffee and Networking Break

API innovation


Discussion: Update on UK and European Standards and Global Interoperability

Nilixa Devlukia, Head of Regulatory, Open Banking (UK)
Lisa Gutu, Head of Business Development, Salt Edge
Wayne Blacklock, Director, UK Solution Architecture, ForgeRock


Supporting developers to achieve successful commercialisation and monetisation of APIs

  • What does a developer want from any API Program?
  • Developer and Provider Interaction
  • Easy Developer App On boarding
  • Smart docs and Sandbox
  • APIs Built with BEST Practices
  • Digital Organisation Best Practices
  • Building an API organisation
  • Driving adoptions and use cases

Meghdeep Basu, API Developer, Metro Bank


Banking Platformization & Ecosystems

  • Platformization forces
  • Why develop a bank
  • Best practices & business models
  • Is there a recipe for success?

Vangelis Antonopoulos, Digital Platforms & API Manager, Eurobank


Leveraging the Best of the UK and Berlin Group Specifications

As new open banking specifications are being developed around the globe, interoperability and security are key considerations. This presentation compares and contrasts the fundamental characteristics of the UK Open Banking Specifications and Security Profiles and the Berlin Group Specifications, to help organisations across the world advocate for best open banking approach for their market.

Olaf van Gorp, API Management Expert, Akana, Rogue Wave
Ian Goldsmith, VP Product Management, Akana Inc.


Chair's closing remarks

Day One: Breakout sessions - 7th May, 2019


Panel: Implementation: What’s working? What hasn’t?

Bill Roberts, Head of Open Banking, Competition and Markets Authority (UK)
Chris Pike, Competition Expert, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Kenneth Gay, Executive Director (Prudential Policy Department), Monetary Authority of Singapore
Jumpei Miwa, Director of FinTech & Innovation Office, Financial Services Agency, Japan
Andreea Brambilla, Senior Economist, Finance Canada


Open Banking Europe - PISP/AISP/TPP Working Group Meeting

John Broxis, Managing Director, Preta, Open Banking Europe

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