Achieving Cloud Transformation Goals

28th February 2019 London

Draft Agenda - 28th February, 2019


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Workshop Facilitator & Guest Speaker Welcome

Setting out the three workshop themes:

  1. What does a successful cloud transformation project look like and how do you get there on your watch?
  2. How do you speed the project up, minimise slippage and control costs?
  3. How do you align your goals with other key stakeholders?

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Global Transformation Expert


Thought Leader: The Project Revolution

Since the industrial revolution, workers have been reduced to mere numbers; assets, fixed costs. Organisations have been driven primarily by targets and control systems. The big innovations in management have mostly focused on doing things faster and cheaper, often at the expense of employees.

Now, at a time of unparalleled and accelerating change, projects are moving centre stage. Projects are essential to creating value, and at the heart of great projects are people. Projects mobilise, engage and maximise people to achieve change. This disruption will not only impact the way organisations are managed but every aspect of our lives. We will all become project leaders. The Project Revolution provides a simple but powerful framework as well as insights into the skills required for everyone to succeed in the new project-driven world.

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Global Transformation Expert


Panel discussion

  • The new risk model for hybrid cloud, and how to overcome the obstacles in adapting / complying with bank security policies
  • Managing complexity, with multiple vendors, complex technology stacks and data and workloads spread across different environments
  • The need for transformation before legacy systems can be decommissioned and existing RTB costs cut
  • Incentivising faster adoption of new platforms by internal customers
  • The cultural challenge of fundamentally changing IT support processes and introducing DevOps
  • The impact of current regulatory requirements on projects –  and regulatory thinking going forward

Slavka Eley, Head of Banking Markets, Innovation and Products Unit, European Banking Authority (EBA)
Tim Bull, Solution Director, Rackspace
Grant Kerr, Head of IT Strategy & Architecture, ReAssure
David Gould, Director of IT Strategy & Architecture, Metro Bank



  • What does a successful Cloud transformation look like?
  • How do you speed your project up, minimise slippage and control costs?
  • How do you align your goals with other stakeholders?

Facilitated by Antonio Nieto Rodriguez with roundtable leaders:

Rob Marks, Former Head of Technology, Merrill Lynch and HSBC, now CEO, KTSL
Christian Joannes, Former CTO, Deutsche Bank
Tim Bull, Solution Director, Rackspace


Roundtable feedbackPanel


Drinks reception with canapés

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