16 May 2018 London

Digitising Wealth & Asset Management Summit

Embracing the next stage in digitisation for full business transformation

16 May 2018 London

As chatbots, top-notch client experiences, and digital platforms start to become commonplace, wealth and asset managers need to turn to creative solutions to meet targets and differentiate themselves. Early adopters of new digital strategies have already seen stronger positioning in digital-facing markets and more efficient internal operations, so what can be done to drive an industry stalled at the challenge of business overhaul into the digital age?

At Finance Edge’s Digitising Wealth & Asset Management Summit in London on 16 May, we will discuss the next stage in industry digitisation, best practices for building a long-term strategy that will work for your firm, and solutions for the biggest challenges holding teams back. You will be able to determine which proven technologies will be the right fit, and hear valuable experience-based strategies from leading experts on shifting to a digital corporate culture that will respond to both present and future client demands.

Key topics

  • Meeting the demands of tomorrow’s clients while maintaining loyalty today
  • Protecting client and company data in a constantly evolving cyber security landscape
  • Expectations for technologies on the horizon, and digitising for the next generation
  • Building a change management strategy centered around a digital corporate culture
  • Defining the unique client needs of wealth & asset managers, and digitising accordingly
  • Developing industry partnerships to build profitability and streamline processes
  • Analysis of technologies with proven value vs. hype, and what will work for you to provide that next-level client experience
  • Calculating the risk of investing in specific technologies under a limited budget
  • Outsourcing regulatory compliance focus back in on money management

What attendees say about the summit:

“ECN’s event was interesting and inspiring. In particular, the roundtables offered a rare opportunity to share our challenges and solutions with peers” Deputy Head of Digital Marketing, BNP Paribas.

“The panel session gave us a chance to discuss and debate different views from different perspectives; and having a two-way dialogue with the delegates helped to keep the conversation relevant.” Marketing Director, Rothschild Wealth Management

“The roundtables produced some enlightening real-life tips and keys to success. Through discussion we identified a number of great principles to support change, and everyone took something of value from the session.” Head of Marketing, AXA Wealth.

“Chairing the DTiWAM summit was enlightening and incredibly valuable. Leading execs talked openly, both at a high level and grass roots level. The robust panels, workshop formats and networking opportunities were some of the best I have experienced. I came away thinking that DTiWAM was the best use of my day; and I’ll refer back to the event for a long time to come.” Head of Digital Distribution IT, GAM Fund Management Ltd.


You will meet with 80+...

Heads of:
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Digital
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Client Lifecycle & Relationships
  • Platform Development
  • Propositions & Distribution
  • Information Security
  • Data Privacy
  • Business Development

Representing leading:

  • Wealth management firms
  • Asset management firms
  • Digital advice companies
  • Digital management companies
  • Fintechs
  • Insurance companies
  • Private equity firms
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Consultancies

Sponsors & Exhibitors

A huge thanks to all our amazing Sponsors & Exhibitors.


Tickets are currently available. Join us in London on 16 May 2018.


Well known industry leaders and emerging talents

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