Summit Agenda




Chair’s welcome

9:10AMKeynote interview

“Focus on regulatory challenges first, and RegTech solutions second”

  • Reaching a consensus about key regulatory pain points for FIs across APAC
  • Starting with the challenge, not the solution - the importance of articulating your firm’s key regulatory problems, and then looking for the best ways to address them
  • Innovation through operational process - the pros and cons of solving regulatory compliance issues with operational process as well as / instead of technology

Regulation innovation – insights from leading APAC regulators

  • Who is using sandboxes for RegTech solutions
  • How regulators will approve RegTech solutions in the future
  • How countries and platforms across APAC are working together on regulatory issues
  • How firms can overcome the difficulties in complying with new technology risk laws

Networking Break


Using technology to comply with data regulations and contain cyber risks

  • Latest cybersecurity and information security trends and initiatives in APAC
  • How RegTech can protect the availability, privacy and integrity of data as it moves through your firm (enabling easy access to data, deleting data when appropriate, linking hard copy data through to digital records, etc.)
  • Ensuring your RegTech solutions are secure enough to protect valuable information
  • Making your data compliant across all the jurisdictions in which you operate
  • Managing different data repositories

Establishing a data quality risk management framework

  • Co-creating solutions - successful collaborations between regulatory experts and data scientists
  • Ensuring the holistic adoption of your risk management framework, across departments and across borders

Secure and streamlined information sharing

Network at small tables and join an interactive discussion on the most pressing issues facing your industry. Suggested topics:
  • How FIs can share information in a secure way - internally and with other firms; domestically and internationally
  • Gaining access to information and using it in the right way

Assimilating AI into your firm’s compliance regime

  • What the constituent parts of AI can do for FIs
  • The difference between weak AI and strong (general) AI
  • Mapping AI capabilities across to your specific regulatory challenges
  • Adopting AI within your firm’s infrastructure, to establish intelligence in your system
  • Philosophical concerns - liability, structural impacts of AI on your workforce, etc.
  • Simulating and addressing the new risks that will accompany the use of AI

Synopsis of key findings from the ID & KYC Summit APAC

  • Linking deep learning through to analytics, to seamlessly and cost-effectively comply with KYC and AML requirements.

ICOs and cryptocurrencies – managing additional risk in the system

Network at small tables and join an interactive discussion on the most pressing issues facing your industry. Suggested topics:
  • Clarifying the legal view of cryptocurrencies, in China and across APAC
  • Distinction between digital currencies and crypto tokens
  • How this new asset class behaves, and what risk is related to it
  • Establishing governance frameworks that reveal information about the use of funds, and enable token issuers to provide comfort for investors and regulators
  • RegTech solutions that provide best practice for cryptocurrency management

Networking Break


RegTech solution showdown

Short and snappy pitches from the most exciting, emerging RegTech providers, followed by a lively Q&A session. This session promotes innovation in the RegTech space, and facilitates connections between RegTech start-ups and large firms.
  • Which solutions are most easily transferrable across new areas or industry sectors?
  • Which have the best audit trails, the most transparency and the highest accuracy?
  • Which software is future proofed against changes in regulation?

Cutting edge surveillance technology

  • Gaining internal support for solving surveillance issues
  • Implementing the best RegTech surveillance solutions
  • Ensuring interoperability between existing systems and new RegTech platforms

Blockchain-based solutions for regulatory compliance

  • Key regulatory pain points that blockchain can help with - investigating the use cases
  • Which regulators have approved blockchain-based RegTech solutions, and what regulators are saying about them
  • Product adoption - which products are live, who is using them, and for what
  • Implementation insights from firms that have done POCs - where have firms had tangible success?
  • How DLT platforms can sync together

Chair’s summary and close of summit

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