26 September 2018 London

Pensions Dashboard Summit

Opportunities, challenges and lessons from abroad – strategic planning for transformation

26 September 2018 London

The introduction of the Pensions Dashboard could be a transformative opportunity for the pensions industry, driving greater public engagement and boosting long-term savings. But at the same time, the Dashboard threatens to add costs, put pressure on fees and undermine financial advisers.

With key issues yet to be decided, and target deadlines looming, industry players need to decide how they will react. Organisations that adopt a wait-and-see attitude risk being left behind while competitors shape the outcome and gain first-mover advantage.

Featuring lessons from the European dashboards and cross-industry perspectives, the Pensions Dashboard Summit gathers industry decision-makers together to discuss preparing your strategy for Pension transformation – with or without continued Government support…

Key topics include:

    • Key outcomes from the DWP feasibility study
    • Continuing uncertainties
    • Dashboards in other countries and how the industry has adapted
    • Customer trust and engagement
    • Data accuracy and compatibility

Our attendees consistently tell us that they hear more useful and relevant content and make more valuable connections at ECN events than they do at other events. So, how do we ensure that your day out of the office exceeds your expectations?

Focused and free-flowing conversations on niche and highly relevant topics. Senior industry participants openly share their challenges, failures, successes and plans. These sessions are designed to present attendees with fresh ideas that they can apply to make meaningful improvements within their firms.

Interactive and informal brainstorming sessions. Chatham House Rules give attendees the freedom to speak outside of the box. Small groups encourage participation from all attendees; and feedback sessions stretch the pool of knowledge across the entire room. The roundtables routinely generate enlightening (and often unexpected) solutions to shared challenges.

Short, sharp and inspirational anecdotes about real-time industry challenges and opportunities, as well as visions for the future. The thought-piece talks give attendees direct access to the experience and knowledge of some of the greatest minds in the industry.


Who will you meet?

Join senior experts from pension providers, pension schemes, advisers and consultants, regulators and technology suppliers, including:

  • Head of Policy
  • Head of Strategy
  • Head of Risk
  • Head of Data
  • Head of Technology
  • Head of Digital
  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of User Experience


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