26 September 2018 Sydney

Open Banking Australia

Shaping global banking opportunities and legislation in the open economy

26 September 2018 Sydney, Australia.

The Consumer Data Right and Open Banking initiatives are leading sweeping changes for financial services and the wider economy – but where are we now? Featuring global and cross-industry perspectives, Open Banking Australia on 26 September in Sydney, gathers industry decision-makers to discuss economy-wide interconnections and how to succeed in the new environment for financial services.

We will debate evolving practices in data protection and ownership, monetisation strategies, approaches for engaging consumers and more. Open Banking Australia is an early opportunity to analyse July’s introduction of the Comprehensive Credit Review, and to hear speakers share insights from their experience of Open Banking in other markets and industries.

  • Keynote interview with regulators designing the open economy legislation
  • Tangible strategies for moving beyond compliance and monetising Open Banking
  • Global and cross-industry use cases on collaboration and bilateral partnerships
  • Analysing customer behaviour, education and trust in Open Banking
  • Data protection and identity verification in the open system
  • Liability for incorrect or misdirected payments and data breaches
  • Developing mutually beneficial partnerships to offer targeted services
  • Empowering consumers and improving economy-wide competition through a universal and interconnected framework
  • The future of competitive banking in Australia

This event has been designed for Heads of:

  • Transaction Banking
  • Client Experience
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Digital Banking
  • Innovation
  • Risk
  • Product
  • Technology
  • Payments
  • Operations
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Decision Systems


Network with decision-makers from:

  • Incumbent banks
  • Challenger banks
  • FinTechs
  • PSPs
  • Lenders
  • Marketplaces
  • Insurance companies
  • Foreign exchange companies
  • Consultants
  • Law firms
  • Regulators
  • API platforms / service providers
  • Aggregators
  • Personal data providers
  • Credit reference agencies

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Well known industry leaders

  • Payments NZ

    Steve Wiggins

    Payments NZ

    Chief Executive

  • Credabl

    Joanne Henaghan


    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Australian Payments Network

    Leila Fourie

    Australian Payments Network

    Chief Executive Officer

  • RACQ

    Greg Booker


    Group CIO, Digital and Innovation Executive


    Eldar Allahverdiyev


    Senior Product Manager

  • Australian Banking Association

    Anna Bligh

    Australian Banking Association


  • AMP Bank Limited

    Ryan Gonsalves

    AMP Bank Limited

    Head Of Innovation and Change

  • Open Data Institute (ODI)

    David Beardmore

    Open Data Institute (ODI)

    Commercial Director

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