Summit Agenda

Implementation case studies: learnings & results analysis




Chair’s Welcome

  • Phil Allen, Vice President, EMEA, Ping Identity
9:00AMKeynote interview

Setting a roadmap for PSD2 and Open Banking

  • Current status of Open Banking and PSD2 implementation - where they reinforce / challenge each other, and imminent next steps
  • Data gathering standards for Open Banking and PSD2
  • Data protection requirements from GDPR and potential conflicts
  • Legislative views on screen-scraping
  • The use of sandboxes to help startups build and test innovative new products
  • Phil Allen, Vice President, EMEA, Ping Identity
  • Ralf Jacob, Head of Retail Financial Services & Payments Unit, European Commission(video link)
  • Steve Smith, Managing Director for Customer Development & Innovation, Lloyds Banking Group
9:40AMCase study

Putting identity at the heart of Open Banking

  • Creating a seamless customer journey with contextual authentication and consent
  • Securing the API ecosystem and enabling access to new services powered by Open Banking
  • Providing a modern identity platform for major banks, challengers, and fintechs
  • Nick Caley, Head of Financial Services & Regulatory, ForgeRock

Market use cases leading industry change

  • Offering alternative services for an improved customer experience paired with better business value
  • Finding the right technology to fit with your Open Banking strategy
  • Developing a pricing structure that works with new channel implementations
  • Individual use case strategies from leading incumbent firms
  • Uttiyo Dasgupta, Head of Transaction Banking, HSBC
  • Steve Dukes, Former Chief Product Officer, Dollar Financial
  • Pablo Ruiz Correa, Head of Innovation, Liberbank
  • Martin James, VP Northern Europe, Datastax

Open Banking Data at Scale

    This session looks into how DataStax Cassandra (DSE) distributed database platform enables building a resilient data layer that addresses business and technology challenges in Open Banking, including:
  • Comply use cases enabled by DSE
  • Strategic opportunities in the compete space
  • How it contributes to a cloud ready solution
  • Lessons learned
  • Bruno Azenha, Technology Architecture, Accenture on behalf of DataStax

Offering targeted services to improve the user experience

  • Using Open Banking to offer personalised insurance advice
  • Price comparisons to users in minutes
  • Effectiveness of offering services in conjunction with traditional banking
  • David Vanek, CEO & Co-Founder, Anorak

Networking Break


From designing Banking IT systems to designing open banking business ecosystems with API management

  • CA in the FS Industry a quick snapshot
  • Why API lifecycle management
  • The 4 forces on Open Banking : GAFAs, Fintech startups, Customers demands and regulations
  • PSD2, GDPR : API driven regulations to force innovation and privacy in the banking industry
  • API management is the key of good API governance models to balance between regulations and business opportunities
  • For Open Banking, API management helps to go beyond designing systems but business ecosystems
  • API-first business and the open banking RISK pattern : Reach, Invest, Steal or Kill.
  • Sanjay Tailor, Vice President, Digital Strategy and Industry Solutions, CA Technologies
  • Mehdi Medjaoiu, Lead API Economist, API Academy, CA Technologies

Rising influence of challenger banks and fintechs

  • Responding to evolving customer expectations and offering unique services
  • Strategies for building market share through data sharing
  • Leveraging opportunities from PSD2 in your business
  • Successful partnership strategies for ensuring customer loyalty
  • Ricky Knox, Chief Executive Officer, Tandem Bank
  • Victor Trokoudes, Co-Founder and CEO, With Plum
  • Sam Everington, Head of APIs, Starling Bank
  • Bill Roberts, Head of Open Banking, CMA
  • Olly Betts, Co-Founder and CEO, OpenWrks

The Ultimate Bank Statement

    The Ultimate Bank Statement
  • Technology - The proliferation of new data in financial services
  • Control & Consent – learning the hard way
  • The e-statement – Building the ultimate bank statement
  • Roger Vincent, Head of Innovation, Equifax

Using Open Banking to reach new markets

  • Early insights into how consumers are responding to Open Banking
  • Promoting initiative benefits to allay fears and encourage digital engagement
  • Providing widespread financial services access to previously unreachable users
  • Improving the digital customer experience for sustained loyalty
Roundtable leaders:
  • Faith Reynolds, Consumer Representative, Open Banking Implementation Entity
  • Martin Sladecek, Open Banking Manager, Channels & Customer Intelligence, Marketing & Communication, Komercni Banka
  • Steve Boms, President, President, Allon Advocacy and Advisor to Envestnet | Yodlee
  • Jacques Declas, CEO, 42Crunch
  • Peter Wells, Head of Policy, Open Data Institute
  • Sanjay Tailor, Vice President, Digital Strategy & Industry Solutions, CA Technologies
  • Olly Brough, Managing Director of EMEA, Trusona
  • Jozsef Nemeth, Deputy CEO, Online Business Technologies

Networking Lunch

2:10PMKeynote interview

Industry standards and the future of Open Banking and PSD2

  • Establishing common Open Banking and PSD2 standards
  • Delivering Open Banking and PSD2 compliance across jurisdictions
  • Analysing current software standards and industry guidelines
  • Partnering with regulated companies that meet compliance requirements
  • Expectations for how standards will evolve, and how FS firms can prepare
  • Imran Gulamhuseinwala, Trustee, Open Banking Implementation Entity
  • Maha El Dimachki, Head of Payments Department, Financial Conduct Authority
  • Sanjay Tailor, Vice President, Digital Strategy & Industry Solutions, CA Technologies

How Standards-based Identity is Driving Innovation in Open Banking

  • What is driving innovation and investment in financial services.
  • How do organisations define the right digital strategy.
  • What opportunities does the new ecosystem present.
  • How standards-based identity & access management (IAM) can reduce complexity whilst improving security and user experience.
  • Paul van der Lee, Director, UK & Northern EMEA, Ping Identity
  • Ralph Bragg, Ecosystem Trust Framework Architect, Open Banking

Rapid-fire solutions corner

    Explore the applications of new industry solutions for overcoming common Open Banking challenges, and strategies for offering new services to customers.
  • Using open source software to create a collaborative ecosystem around Open Banking standards and security
  • PSD2 implementation in 5 minutes
  • How PSD2 SCA can eliminate passwords and deliver great user experiences
  • Mike Schwartz, CEO, Gluu
  • Kannan Rasappan, Solution Architect, PSD2
  • Olly Brough, Managing Director of EMEA, Trusona

Building a successful fintech / bank partnership

  • Strategies for capitalising on Open Banking for fintechs vs. banks
  • Finding the right reliable and compliant partner to complement your business
  • The process for registering as a third-party provider (TPP) as a fintech
  • TPPs providing a variety of services with the quality of current available data
  • Designing a smoother due diligence framework
  • Startups and scaleups passing all the criteria of large incumbent firms
  • Shortening the timeframe for new products and services through collaboration
Roundtable leaders:
  • Gavin Littlejohn, FinTech Stakeholder Group Convenor, Open Banking Implementation Entity
  • Jean Marc Chaudoreille, Head of Daily Banking: International Retail Banking, BNP Paribas
  • Markku Huotari, Program Director, Evangelist & Head of PSD2 Program, OP Financial Group
  • Daniel Koczka, Chief Digital Officer, MKB Bank
  • Olly Betts, Co-Founder and CEO, OpenWrks
  • Mike Schwartz, CEO, Gluu
  • Roger Vincent, Head of Innovation, Equifax
  • Kannan Rasappan, Solution Architect, PSD2
  • Istvan Agocs, Senior Consultant, Online Business Technologies

Networking Break


Securing your Open Banking Implementation

  • 42Crunch will attempt LIVE to secure an API Open Banking implementation in less than 10 minutes !
  • 42Crunch, a contributor and leading member of the Open API implementation Security working group, will unveil their brand new API Security platform at the Open Banking Summit. Come and join us!
  • Isabelle Mauny, CTO & Co-Founder, 42Crunch
4:50PMCase study

Digital business opportunities in Open Banking implementation

    Martin Sladecek will share his hands-on experience delivering Open Banking at Komercni Banka built around customer expectations and growth in business value. He will explore how these practices were adopted internally, and how they can used industry-wide.
  • Martin Sladecek, Open Banking Manager, Channels & Customer Intelligence, Marketing & Communication, Komercni Banka
    5:00PMArmchair chat

    Strong customer authentication for Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS)

    • Analysis of RTS and what it means for the banking industry and to the consumer
    • Evaluating what a good outcome will look like, and how we get there between today and September 2019
    • The post-RTS future for a FinTech’s access to bank accounts
    • Matt Alder, Head of Payment Systems & Services, HM Treasury
    • Gavin Littlejohn, FinTech Stakeholder Representative, Open Banking Implementation Entity
    • Brian Costello, Chief Information Security Officer, Envestnet | Yodlee

    Chair’s Summary and drinks reception

    Please join us in the exhibition area.

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