Summit Agenda

Using open API channels to benefit customers and create new revenue streams




Chair’s Welcome

9:10AMKeynote interview

Setting a roadmap for PSD2 and Open Banking

  • Current status of Open Banking and PSD2 implementation - where they reinforce / challenge each other, and imminent next steps
  • Setting the wider PSD2 roadmap - establishing a common standard and interoperability across Europe
  • How pan-European firms can deliver PSD2 compliance through API channels, when standards differ across jurisdictions
  • Getting data that is allowable within Open Banking, but outside of PSD2 scope
  • Legislative views on screen-scraping
  • How sandboxes are helping startups to build and test innovative new products
  • Christian Kramer, Product Owner, Payments - PISP, PSD2 Open Banking, Lloyds Banking Group

Open Banking for dummies

    Bring to life what Open Banking means today, and what it could do for your business

Ensuring Open Banking benefits every consumer market

  • Early insights into how consumers are responding to Open Banking
  • What are banks' plans to promote the benefits of Open Banking to customers?
  • Supporting consumers through the initial implementation phase - allaying fears of data sharing, and encouraging engagement
  • How Open Banking will impact consumers’ UX
  • Using Open Banking to reduce inequality in access to financial services, and avoiding the risk of exclusion (appealing to people with privacy concerns, lack of time or motivation, or poor digital skills)
  • Bill Roberts, Assistant Director, Remedies, Business & Financial Analysis, CMA
  • Faith Reynolds, Panel Member, Financial Services Consumer Panel
  • David Beardmore, Commercial Director, ODI
10:40AMCase study

Putting Open Banking data to work – insights from early trailblazers

    Peppered throughout the day, these sessions will give you valuable insights into:
  • What the journey to Open Banking has been like
  • How APIs are working today
  • What firms think they can do with Open Banking, and future plans
  • Getting compliance teams on board
  • Are banks seeing an increase in requests for data?
  • How many companies are consuming APIs directly, as opposed to through a TPP?
  • Overcoming the risks and challenges of Open Banking, and leveraging the business opportunities

Networking Break


Popular use cases coming to market via APIs

  • Delivering new customer benefits and increased margins for the business - offering savings, mortgages, loans, credit cards, investments, and/or insurance through open APIs
  • Creating pricing that works on top of an open API channel
  • 2018 plans of incumbent firms
  • Uttiyo Dasgupta, Head of Transaction Banking, HSBC

Optimal API management

  • Managing your APIs in a secure and compliant environment
  • Version control - ensuring consistency between multiple API implementations
  • Top-level API management to improve your customer service and facilitate digital transformation within your business

Non-bank players in the open API space

  • The activities and plans of challengers, FinTechs and other non-incumbent bank players
  • What non-banks can do with open API technology
  • AISPs and PISPs - how firms are planning to share data
  • Ricky Knox, Chief Executive Officer, Tandem Bank

Networking Lunch

1:50PMKeynote interview

Monetising Open Banking

  • Generating new revenue through your API platforms
  • Turning raw data into relevant, value-add products and services for customers
  • Using Open Banking as a competitive differentiator and route to customers

Successful FinTech / Bank Partnerships

  • Registering to get access as a TPP
    • Seamless or difficult process?
    • Have small FinTechs found it more difficult to connect than large FinTechs?
    • Getting the right data - is the data available via current accounts enough for TPPs to provide a variety of services?
    • Fintechs’ experiences of consuming APIs
    • How FinTechs can capitalise on Open Banking
    • How big banks can embrace new solutions, and bring FinTechs into the business in a short timeframe
    • Designing a smoother due diligence framework
    • How startups and scaleups can pass all the criteria of large incumbent firms
Roundtable Leaders:
    • Paul Riseborough, Chief Commercial Officer, Metro Bank
    • Gavin Littlejohn, Fintech Stakeholder Group Convenor, UK Open Banking - Implementation Entity
    • Tamas Leder, Head of Partnerships, MKB Fintech Lab

Raising the use cases and opportunities presented by PSD2 and Open banking

  • How the market could develop on payment initiation
  • Where the market opportunities lie

Networking Break

3:50PMCase study

Considerations, opportunities and frustrations from the client side

  • Designing financial services products in an Open Banking environment:
    • Overcoming the risks and challenges
    • Leveraging the business opportunities
  • Steve Dukes, Chief Product Officer, Dollar Financial

Strong customer authentication for RTS

  • Mitigating the cyber risks of using APIs for financial services data sharing
  • Ensuring security for FinTechs, while reducing friction for customers - finding a balance between competing interests
  • How RTS came about, and what they are looking to achieve
  • How governments are working to ensure RTS lives up to expectations
  • Where opportunities and risks lie with RTS
  • Matt Alder, Head of Payment Systems & Services, HM Treasury
  • Gavin Littlejohn, Fintech Stakeholder Group Convenor, UK Open Banking - Implementation Entity

Chair’s Summary & Close of Summit

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