25 April, 2018. London

Open Banking Summit

Fostering Open APIs & Data Sharing, to Drive Innovation & Customer Choice

See you next year!

We are pleased to have shared an extraordinary event with the Open Banking community in London on 10 May, 2017.

We have begun preparations for next year, and look forward to seeing you in London on 25 April, 2018. Watch this space for updates, agenda, registration information and confirmed speakers.

Open Banking is the cornerstone of a new digital banking framework, which will increase customer choice, catalyse innovation, and open up the sector to new players. As regulatory deadlines harden, great challenges and opportunities are being created for both incumbents and fintechs.

ECN’s Open Banking Summit will explore the strategic ramifications of the move to open banking, and what this means for our digital economies. The high-level, interactive and off-the-record discussions will reveal new insights into standards and legislation as they are being set, and identify practical, commercial strategies that firms can employ in the new environment.

This event has been specifically designed for:

  • Heads of Client Experience
  • Heads of Digital Banking
  • Heads of Innovation
  • Heads of Technology
  • Heads of Payments
  • Heads of Operations
  • Heads of Privacy and Data Protection

Our attendees consistently tell us that they hear more useful and relevant content and make more valuable connections at ECN events than they do at other events. So, how do we ensure that your day out of the office exceeds your expectations?

Focused and free-flowing conversations on niche and highly relevant topics. Senior industry participants openly share their challenges, failures, successes and plans. These sessions are designed to present attendees with fresh ideas that they can apply to make meaningful improvements within their firms.

Interactive and informal brainstorming sessions. Chatham House Rules give attendees the freedom to speak outside of the box. Small groups encourage participation from all attendees; and feedback sessions stretch the pool of knowledge across the entire room. The roundtables routinely generate enlightening (and often unexpected) solutions to shared challenges.

Short, sharp and inspirational anecdotes about real-time industry challenges and opportunities, as well as visions for the future. The thought-piece talks give attendees direct access to the experience and knowledge of some of the greatest minds in the industry.


Network with leading decision makers from:

  • Incumbent banks
  • Challenger banksFintechs
  • PSPs
  • Regulators
  • Insurance companies
  • Consultants
  • Law firms
  • API platforms / service providers
  • Aggregators
  • Personal data providers
  • Credit reference agencies

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If your company is interested in sponsoring this year's Open Banking Summit, please contact Rebecca Martin on rebecca@eventcreationnetwork.com or call + 44 20 3397 7462. We will get right back to you with information and our sponsorship brochure.

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What people will tell you about previous ECN events

  • In a sector such as financial services, one could argue that innovation and disruption aren't always front of mind. Left untouched for way too long, the industry is waking up, and ECN’s conference gave me hope that we're all going in the right direction. Customer at the front, back and centre of everyone's mind is something that I clearly witnessed today.

    Standard Life

    Standard Life

    Mickael Paris
  • I enjoyed the day. There were many knowledgable people in the room, so it was very interesting dialogue all round.



    Paul Yardley
  • ECN's conference brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry. Key pioneers detailed their successes and challenges; and the FCA clarified how they want to support the use of technology. A great event, some key learnings and an opportunity to network with many specialists in their fields.

    AXA Wealth

    AXA Wealth

    Alistair Welham
  • I found ECN's event an excellent use of my time. The day had a good variety of speakers in various different formats, and there was ample opportunity to network between talks. I cannot think of anything to criticise.

    Sarasin & Partners

    Sarasin & Partners

    Sam Younger
  • ECN's conference provided me with new insights into digitisation within the asset management industry. Discussions and brainstorming sessions with my industry peers gave realistic examples on how digitisation supports current business processes, as well as the disruptive concepts coming our way.

    NN Investment Partners

    NN Investment Partners

    Ralph Ruijters
  • What most impressed me was the high level of engagement by the participants, with a number of very good questions being asked which served to bring out key and valuable points. As an exhibitor I was pleasantly surprised by the commitment the organisers had to ensuring that we were able to meet a large number of useful contacts, which has resulted in several good leads!



    Peter Ainsworth

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