10 May 2017, London, UK

Open Banking Summit

Fostering Open APIs & Data Sharing, to Drive Innovation & Customer Choice

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9 May - Pre-Summit Workshops

10 May - Summit

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Open Banking is the cornerstone of a new digital banking framework, which will increase customer choice, catalyse innovation, and open up the sector to new players. As regulatory deadlines harden, great challenges and opportunities are being created for both incumbents and fintechs.

ECN’s Open Banking Summit will explore the strategic ramifications of the move to open banking, and what this means for our digital economies. The high-level, interactive and off-the-record discussions will reveal new insights into standards and legislation as they are being set, and identify practical, commercial strategies that firms can employ in the new environment.

Attend this event to discover:

  • Which new business models will thrive in an open API world, and how incumbents, challenger banks and fintechs are preparing
  • Insights into live pieces of PSD2 legislation, including clarity on what new risks it will present, where accountability will lie and ensuring you are compliant
  • The implications of data sharing for security and privacy, and strategies to protect your customers against fraud and misuse of information
  • Updates on the technical implementations of open APIs being carried out by your industry peers
  • How to successfully communicate open banking to the public, and ensure it has a positive impact on customers

Our attendees consistently tell us that they hear more useful and relevant content and make more valuable connections at ECN events than they do at other events. So, how do we ensure that your day out of the office exceeds your expectations?

Focused and free-flowing conversations on niche and highly relevant topics. Senior industry participants openly share their challenges, failures, successes and plans. These sessions are designed to present attendees with fresh ideas that they can apply to make meaningful improvements within their firms.

Interactive and informal brainstorming sessions. Chatham House Rules give attendees the freedom to speak outside of the box. Small groups encourage participation from all attendees; and feedback sessions stretch the pool of knowledge across the entire room. The roundtables routinely generate enlightening (and often unexpected) solutions to shared challenges.

Short, sharp and inspirational anecdotes about real-time industry challenges and opportunities, as well as visions for the future. The thought-piece talks give attendees direct access to the experience and knowledge of some of the greatest minds in the industry.

This event has been specifically designed for:

  • Heads of Client Experience
  • Heads of Digital Banking
  • Heads of Innovation
  • Heads of Technology
  • Heads of Payments
  • Heads of Operations
  • Heads of Privacy and Data Protection


Network with leading decision makers from:

Incumbent banks

Challenger banks




Insurance companies


Law firms

API platforms / service providers


Personal data providers

Credit reference agencies

Tickets are currently available from £799 + VAT for the Summit and just £399 for the Pre-Summit Workshops. Join us in London on 9-10 May


Well known industry leaders and emerging talents

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Summit Agenda

See our Summit and Workshops Agenda


Registration & Coffee

Refreshments & Light Breakfast

Chair’s Welcome

John Salmon, Partner, Hogan Lovells

Keynote Interview: The Impact of Open Banking on Incumbent Firms & Customers

  • How banks are preparing for open banking – realising the opportunities and mitigating the risks
  • Analysis of the first milestone in the open banking remedies
    • - Fundamental upheaval, or just a back end change?
    • - How have customers been impacted?
  • Expected impact of open banking and PSD2 on established market players and customers
  • Will implementation happen within the required timeframe?
  • Stephen Smith, Director, Competition & Regulatory Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Faith Reynolds, Panel Member, Financial Services Consumer Panel

Panel: Update on Current Implementation Programmes of Open APIs

  • How incumbents are updating their systems and architecture to deliver on the requirements
  • Building systems and archives that enable data to be efficiently accessed and delivered today, and that can also respond to future changes in reporting requirements
  • According with CMA requirements in the UK, as well as the requirements of PSD2
  • Reconciling the conflict between using open APIs, and complying with stringent rules governing the use and storage of customer data under GDPR
  • Hetal Popat, Head, CMA Open Banking, HSBC
  • Johan Lorenzen, Former CEO, Holvi
  • Stefan Weiss, Head of APIs, Fidor

Thought-Piece Talk: Banking Innovation – BBVA’s Open APIs Approach

  • Why banks need an open API strategy
  • BBVA's open platform story – key challenges, successes and lessons learnt
  • Is there life after PSD2?
  • Go to market of banking APIs
  • Examining the business applications of banking APIs
  • Raul Lucas Alcaraz, Spain Country Manager - Open APIs, BBVA

Networking Break


The Evolution of Creditworthiness

  • Reacting to changing regulations while complying with existing ones
  • How open banking will support a holistic view of the consumer in terms of responsible lending, KYC, etc.
  • Embracing change – getting the balance right between ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ ways of working under open banking
  • Will open banking do away with credit scoring, or enhance it?
  • Roger Vincent, Strategic Consultant, Equifax UK

Thought-Piece Talk: Opportunities & New Business Models in an Open API Environment

  • Leveraging APIs to create new banking business model
  • How some firms are creating momentum by implementing standards ahead of the deadline
  • Successes, challenges and plans of innovators
  • Building an integrated customer journey into your business model
  • Alex Letts, Chief Unbanking Officer, U

Roundtable: Complying with New Open Banking Standards

Join an interactive discussion with fellow attendees on the most pressing issues facing the industry. Network at small tables and participate in lively topical conversation. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet your industry peers in a unique setting.
  • Quantifying the risks of failing to comply with new open banking standards on time
  • Uncovering the new risks that will come into play once PSD2 goes live - security, operations, settling payments, communicating with third parties, communicating with customers…
  • Key considerations to ensure your firm is compliant in the long-term
  • Adapting your systems and processes to the new world

Debate: Will Banks’ “Premium APIs” Bring Lock-In Rather Than Freedom?

  • Andy Reiss, Director, Fingleton Associates
  • Esme Harwood, Head of External Engagement, Barclays

Networking lunch


Keynote Interview: How Data Sharing through Open APIs will Shape the Banking Sector

  • How fintechs are preparing for the move to open banking
    • - Potential uses of new data
    • - Leveraging new data as part of the business model
  • Where we go from here – mapping out the next five years of open banking and open APIs
  • Raising consciousness about the broad scope of activities that firms need to undertake, in the wake of open banking

David Beardmore, Commercial Director, The Open Data Institute

Gavin Littlejohn, Fintech Stakeholder Group Convenor, UK Open Banking – Implementation Entity


Panel: Overcoming Security & Privacy Concerns Associated with Data Sharing

  • Understanding the implications of open APIs for privacy
  • Where does accountability lie if a customer loses money after opting into a third party service?
  • How does ownership of data work?
  • Whose responsibility is it to protect consumers from fraud or misuse of information?
  • Strategies to minimise risk and complexity - how leading firms are approaching security concerns
    • - Ensuring that third parties can only access specific data points
    • - Structuring access in a way that, in the event of a breach, you haven’t given up access to your whole core system
    • - Which security and authentication technologies are being used
  • Damon Roberts, Chief Technology Officer, Atom Bank
  • Markku Huotari, Program Director, Evangelist & Head of PSD2 Program, OP Financial Group
  • Ricky Knox, CEO, Tandem Bank
  • Ronny Khan, Business Development & Digitalisation, DNB
  • Garreth Cameron, Group Manager, Business & Industry, ICO (Information Commissioners Office)

Thought-Piece Talk: Post-Brexit Regulatory View of Enforcement

  • What impact will Brexit have on open banking and PSD2, in the UK and across Europe?
  • Who will enforce open banking in the UK?
  • Paul Rohan, Rohan Consulting Services

Roundtable: Look to the Future

Join an interactive discussion with fellow attendees on the most pressing issues facing the industry. Network at small tables and participate in lively topical conversation. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet your industry peers in a unique setting.
  • Mapping out a five-year view - what the third iteration of open banking will look like, and where open banking can take us
  • What the industry needs to do today, to make this a reality
  • Achieving the greatest impact on the most customers - ensuring open banking reaches the poorest customers, who don’t use online or mobile banking services
Roundtable leaders:
  • Dan Turnbull, Head of Competition in Banking Services, HM Treasury
  • Johan Lorenzen, Former CEO, Holvi
  • Chris Gorst, Prize Lead, NESTA

RBS’s Journey to Open Banking: a Net Net for Large Enterprise Banks

  • How incumbent banks can benefit from open APIs - offering new solutions to customers and bringing these into your existing business
  • Effectively dealing with a new class of customer - third parties and other banks
  • Changing minds, culture and work processes within your organisation, in light of open banking
  • Overcoming the legal hurdles brought about by open banking
  • Alan Lockhart, Principal Architect, RBS

The Benefits of Open Data Access

  • Examining data access issues and overcoming the challenges associated with PSD2
  • Data sharing and consumer permissioned data access: Yodlee has been doing this for 18 years - it shouldn’t be complicated!
  • Yolt demo: developing a money platform driven by Open Banking
  • Brian Costello, VP & Chief Information Security Officer, Envestnet Yodlee
  • Frank Jan Risseeuw, Head of Yolt, by ING

Networking Break


Thought-Piece Talk: Commercial Strategies in the New World of Open Banking

  • Organisational structures and business models that capitalise on the API model, and mitigate new commercial threats
  • Managing the relationship between third parties and banks
    • - Avoiding and overcoming disputes
    • - Imitating substitute services
    • - Using the relationship with third parties to build product making opportunities
  • Offering premium APIs, to provide value-added services to certain customers
  • Will Beeson, Head of Operations & Innovation, CivilisedBank

Thought-piece: Customers Buy Experiences, Not APIs

  • How the megatrends of Open Banking, millennials and FinTech are driving the future of retail banking
  • Why customer experience is the new battlefield
  • Becoming a truly user-centric bank means understanding your customers’ lifestyle goals, pain points with existing banking services and communication behaviours, and integrating those into your offering and conversations

Panel: Successfully Communicating Open Banking to Customers

  • What is “successful communication”?
  • What are key points about Open Banking that need to be communicated to customers?
  • What are the best channels to use, and how should you use those channels?
  • How do you strike the right balance between broadcast and conversational communication?
  • Edward Maslaveckas, CEO & Co-Founder, Bud Beta
  • Dan Turnbull, Head of Competition in Banking Services Unit, Banking & Credit Team, HM Treasury
  • Megan Caywood, Director of Marketplace Platform, Starling Bank

Chair’s Summary & Close of Summit


Registration & Coffee

Refreshments & Light Breakfast
9:00AM - 11:AM

Workshop A – Tackling the Legal, Regulatory & Privacy Aspects of Open Banking

This interactive workshop will explain the legal aspects of PSD2, and how you can navigate the minefield that is being opened up by the rush to open data. Your workshop leader will address the key legal, regulatory and privacy concerns associated with data sharing. You will discuss practical ways to overcome these challenges and ensure you are adequately protecting your customers.

Workshop leader:

  • John Salmon, Technology Partner, Hogan Lovells
11:30AM - 1:30PM

Workshop B – Commercial Strategies in the New World of Open Banking

This interactive workshop will examine the innovative organisational structures and business models, which can capitalise on the positive implications of open banking and manage any associated new risks. You will learn how to establish a commercial open banking strategy that will:
  • Create new products and revenue streams
  • Speed up your processes
  • Effectively manage the relationship between third parties and banks
  • Enhance your fraud detection and AML monitoring
  • Lead to fruitful collaborations with other firms
Workshop leader: Gavin Littlejohn, Fintech Stakeholder Group Convenor, UK Open Banking – Implementation Entity

Networking Lunch

2:30PM – 4:30PM

Workshop C – Meeting the Public Education Challenge

The topic of open banking is abstract for many customers, yet firms need to get buy-in from the public, to realise the full potential that open banking offers. This interactive workshop will show how you can:
  • Educate and engage your customers about open banking, and explain the level of security inherent in open APIs, in a clear and transparent way
  • Overcome customer concerns surrounding data privacy and identity security
  • Encourage customers to embrace new developments in open banking
Workshop leaders:
  • Dr. Louise Beaumont, Lead, Open Bank, Publicis.Sapient
  • Matt Hopgood, Digital Transformation Lead, Publicis.Sapient

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  • In a sector such as financial services, one could argue that innovation and disruption aren't always front of mind. Left untouched for way too long, the industry is waking up, and ECN’s conference gave me hope that we're all going in the right direction. Customer at the front, back and centre of everyone's mind is something that I clearly witnessed today.

    Standard Life

    Standard Life

    Mickael Paris
  • I enjoyed the day. There were many knowledgable people in the room, so it was very interesting dialogue all round.



    Paul Yardley
  • ECN's conference brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry. Key pioneers detailed their successes and challenges; and the FCA clarified how they want to support the use of technology. A great event, some key learnings and an opportunity to network with many specialists in their fields.

    AXA Wealth

    AXA Wealth

    Alistair Welham
  • I found ECN's event an excellent use of my time. The day had a good variety of speakers in various different formats, and there was ample opportunity to network between talks. I cannot think of anything to criticise.

    Sarasin & Partners

    Sarasin & Partners

    Sam Younger
  • ECN's conference provided me with new insights into digitisation within the asset management industry. Discussions and brainstorming sessions with my industry peers gave realistic examples on how digitisation supports current business processes, as well as the disruptive concepts coming our way.

    NN Investment Partners

    NN Investment Partners

    Ralph Ruijters
  • What most impressed me was the high level of engagement by the participants, with a number of very good questions being asked which served to bring out key and valuable points. As an exhibitor I was pleasantly surprised by the commitment the organisers had to ensuring that we were able to meet a large number of useful contacts, which has resulted in several good leads!



    Peter Ainsworth


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