Future-proofing your financial services legal team – new technologies, new approaches




Chair’s welcome

9:10AMKeynote interview

Increasing the value of the legal department

  • Building a productive dialogue between the legal, business and technology teams to drive efficiency
  • Bottom up approaches to future-proofing your legal team
  • Creating value, and clearly demonstrating this to the business
  • David Kemp, General Counsel, Asset & Wealth Management, Schroders
  • Victor Dorado, Head of Legal, Santander Consumer Finance Group

Re-modelling your in-house team

  • Real-life examples of change programmes - successes and lessons learned
  • Identifying issues that can be solved through automation, and making changes accordingly
  • Balancing the competing pressures of budget and quality - where to cut without creating too much legal risk
  • Knowing what skills the in-house team of the future will need
  • Ensuring that changes to the legal team don’t negatively impact customers or the business
  • Mark Duncan, General Counsel - Global Banking & Investor Solutions, Societe Generale
  • Dr Solomon Osagie, Chief Legal Counsel, TSYS International
  • Tom Sermon, Head of EMEA Law Department, Wells Fargo
  • Andrea Brancatelli, Senior Legal Counsel, MoneyGram International

Networking Break


Unlocking the full business value of digital technology

  • Setting a clear strategy that delivers real value from new technologies
  • Identifying your challenges and objectives, and then working out how technology fits in
  • Knowing how new technologies change the operating model of the legal team
  • Employing technologies that augment the work of your lawyers
  • Dean Nash, Head of Legal & Compliance, Monzo Bank
  • Kumar Tewari, Director, Senior Counsel - Debt Products Legal, Commercial Real Estate, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Pedro Bernardino, Head of Compliance, Zurich Insurance

Evaluating the potential of legaltech for in-house teams

Network at small tables and join an interactive discussion on the most pressing issues facing your industry. Suggested topics:
  • Evaluating which pain points can be automated and assessing which technologies are best suited for these tasks (e.g. contract digitisation, data extraction, digitisation of dispute resolution)
  • Future-proofing your software purchases in a constantly evolving legislative landscape
  • Knowing what level of accuracy current AI solutions can achieve when dealing with unstructured data
  • Assessing the ROI of new technologies
  • Latest developments to improve e-discovery and e-disclosure functionality
  • Assessing the value of forensic tools and if their use creates determinative results; applying forensic tools to diagnostics and analysis on settlements
Roundtable leaders:
  • Mark Duncan, General Counsel - Global Banking & Investor Solutions, Societe Generale
  • David Kemp, General Counsel, Asset & Wealth Management, Schroders
  • Rose Sinclair, Legal Counsel, MAPFRE RE
  • Stephen Hewett, EMEA Head of Financial Markets Infrastructure, Regulation and Documentation, Transaction Legal, Nomura
  • Hugh Merritt, Head of Legal - Asset Management, Aviva Investors

Insights into a successful JV between an in-house team and a technology partner

  • The process of development and implementation
  • Analysis of ultimate value and the control of risk
  • Overcoming the barriers to adoption - getting buy in from the company and colleagues to use the product
  • Reception of the new technology and the speed of company-wide adoption
  • Michael Natusch, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence, Prudential

Networking Lunch


Customising a software platform vs. building your own

  • Purchasing an off-the-shelf technology and customising it to fit the needs of your company
  • Building a full technology solution in-house
  • Analysis of the associated benefits and challenges, and the process for determining what is the right fit for your company
  • Rose Sinclair, Legal Counsel, MAPFRE RE

Equipping yourself for current and future regulatory overhauls

    Network at small tables and share your strategies for keeping on top of fundamental regulatory changes. Discuss how your team is preparing for:
  • GDPR
  • PSD2
  • MiFID II
Roundtable leaders:
  • Deborah Hutton, EMEA Head of Legal - CFS, Citi
  • Dean Nash, Head of Legal & Compliance, Monzo Bank
  • Michael Harrats, Senior Counsel, Legal & General Investment Management
  • Pedro Bernardino, Head of Compliance, Zurich Insurance
  • Martin Halford, Head of Regulatory Implementation, Barclays

Comprehensive overview of RegTech solutions

  • Understanding the effectiveness of available RegTech and LegalTech solutions to:
    • Make legal processes less mundane
    • Update in real-time
    • Be more integrated with the rest of the business
  • Finding the right solution(s) to overcome your specific challenges
  • Integrating new RegTech and LegalTech within your team
  • Ensuring software will be effective for both current and future regulations
  • Miranda Brawn, Director of Legal & Transaction Management, Daiwa Capital Markets

Networking Break


Preparing for Brexit

  • Adapting to the uncertain environment surrounding Brexit - how are legal teams preparing, and what is the expected impact of Brexit on the role of the in-house counsel?
  • Deborah Hutton, EMEA Head of Legal - CFS, Citi
  • Martin Halford, Head of Regulatory Implementation, Legal Director, Barclays

The applicability and long-term effects of smart contracts

  • Defining smart contracts
  • Challenges and barriers to the widespread use of smart contracts
  • Uses of smart contracts for in-house teams and how this will evolve
  • Opportunities and threats presented by smart contracts
Speaker: TBC

Distinct approaches to innovating the legal function

  • How adoption has varied between insurance companies, investment managers, banks, and non-FS firms that handle transactions
  • Collaboration as an industry-wide goal - how future in-house teams will interact
  • How providers can develop technologies that serve the full spectrum of users - from small reactive legal teams to large proactive legal teams
  • Vanessa Cowling, General Counsel, VentureFounders
  • Hugh Merritt, Head of Legal - Asset Management, Aviva Investors
  • Jenifer Swallow, General Counsel, TransferWise
  • Matthew Nyman, Head of Legal & Compliance, Satago

Chair’s summary and close of summit

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