2019 London

Next Generation In-House Summit

Future-proofing your financial services legal team – new technologies, new approaches

2019 London

There is growing recognition that in-house counsel can benefit from more sophisticated methods and technologies, to improve efficiency and cut costs. However, choosing the most effective solutions for your firm, and strategising the right implementation plan, are difficult.

At Finance Edge’s Next Generation In-House Summit, the industry’s leading GCs will reveal the approaches they are successfully using to future-proof their departments in a constantly evolving landscape.

Key topics:

  • Re-model your in-house team in response to surging legislative and business demands
  • Make the legal department a higher value proposition for the rest of the business
  • Assess new technology solutions, and how they can work for your team 
  • Use new tech to save time, negociate contracts, and improve project management
  • Build a productive dialogue between your legal and business teams
  • Identify future legal risk and manage business decisions accordingly
  • Prepare yourself for Brexit, and what new challenges it brings for in-house counsel

Specifically designed for:

The summit will bring together experts from leading banks, investment managers, hedge funds, private equity firms and insurance companies:
  • General Counsel
  • Legal Counsel
  • Heads of Legal
  • Chiefs of Staff
  • CTOs
  • Heads of Data Protection / Data Privacy
  • Heads of Innovation

Our attendees consistently tell us that they hear more useful and relevant content and make more valuable connections at ECN events than they do at other events. So, how do we ensure that your day out of the office exceeds your expectations?

Focused and free-flowing conversations on niche and highly relevant topics. Senior industry participants openly share their challenges, failures, successes and plans. These sessions are designed to present attendees with fresh ideas that they can apply to make meaningful improvements within their firms.

Interactive and informal brainstorming sessions. Chatham House Rules give attendees the freedom to speak outside of the box. Small groups encourage participation from all attendees; and feedback sessions stretch the pool of knowledge across the entire room. The roundtables routinely generate enlightening (and often unexpected) solutions to shared challenges.

Short, sharp and inspirational anecdotes about real-time industry challenges and opportunities, as well as visions for the future. The thought-piece talks give attendees direct access to the experience and knowledge of some of the greatest minds in the industry.


Network with decision makers from leading:

  • Banks
  • Investment managers
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity firms
  • Insurance companies

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What people will tell you about previous ECN events

  • Congratulations on a really fantastic event. We had a ball at the RegTech Summit Europe, and as well as learning a load, we’ve lined up multiple interested prospects – thanks for having us.

    Shane Brett

    Shane Brett

    GECKO Governance
  • Congrats on a great event. The ECN team should be proud. I spoke with many influential folks at the summit and all were impressed. Can’t wait until NYC!

    Scott Nelson

    Scott Nelson


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