November 7, 2017. New York

ID & KYC Summit US

Streamline your KYC, CDD, client onboarding and AML.

November 7, 2017. New York

ECN’s ID & KYC Summit US will explore how firms can reinvent identity authentication and KYC for the digital age to enable cheaper, quicker and more user-centric onboarding, for both individual and corporate clients. The program will also address how firms can collaborate on KYC, AML and sanctions issues, using the latest technologies to amalgamate client data and make these processes more streamlined and more secure.

ID & KYC Summit US will be held alongside a full-day RegTech Summit US, which will take place in New York on November 8, 2017.

Key topics include:

  • Impact of 4th AML and FinCEN’s CDD requirements on FIs
  • Real-world applications of innovative technologies and practices (biometrics, AI, Big Data, blockchain…) to reduce KYC burdens and improve AML
  • Privacy by design – ensuring Big Data practices and new KYC technologies are compatible with your data protection obligations
  • Managing the digital identities of millennial clients and e-commerce businesses
  • Improving the user experience during KYC and client onboarding
  • Implementing standards to avoid identity theft and security breaches
  • Collaboration and technology to make your AML more streamlined and secure
  • Innovating digitally as a business, while meeting your KYC, CDD and AML requirements
  • Roadmapping ID and KYC processes alongside an entity-centric identity model

Specifically designed for:

  • Head of Digital Identity
  • Head of KYC & Client Onboarding
  • MLRO
  • Head of AML & Fraud Prevention
  • Head of Client & Reference Data
  • Chief Privacy Officer
  • Head of Data Protection
  • Head of Sanctions
  • Head of Innovation
  • CTO
  • CISO
  • Chief Compliance Officer

What people said about last year's event:

“At Finance Edge’s ID & KYC Summit US, I was struck by the diversity of technology options – face and voice recognition, fingerprints and retinal scans, and digital identification numbers. Any bank that doesn’t act now will find itself behind, in an industry where these solutions are competing for market adoption and improving by the minute. I look forward to collaborating with subject matter experts across these fields on November 7.” Paul Caulfield, IDBBANK

“ECN’s summit was highly informative and touched many facets of KYC.” Betty Chen, Bloomberg

“The collaborative break-outs were a great way to share thoughts and connect with others.” Gerise Macaluso, Thomson Reuters

“The discussions have been very interesting, and the the topics very relevant.” Margarita Perez, Deutsche bank

“Good caliber attendees, and great interactivity during the roundtable discussions.” Conor Murphy, GBG

Banks and financial institutions

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*A single complimentary place is available to a limited number of financial institutions, at ECN’s discretion. Financial institutions includes banks, investment managers, hedge funds, private equity firms and insurance companies. Complimentary places are not available for consultancies, law firms or software vendors.


Network with leading decision makers from:

  • Banks
  • Investment managers
  • PSPs
  • Insurance companies
  • Regulators
  • Software firms
  • Consultants
  • Law firms
  • Brokers
  • Exchanges
  • Software firms


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Summit Agenda

Streamline your KYC, CDD, client onboarding and AML


Breakfast Briefing

This lively, facilitated breakfast briefing will give you an opportunity to discuss the impacts of upcoming legislative changes, and the applications of cutting edge technologies and processes for KYC, CDD, onboarding and AML. It will provide a highly valuable framework for the day’s discussions. The session is designed to give you clear takeaways and highlight practical steps forward.
  • Information-sharing between group members
  • Industry thought-piece
  • Facilitated, structured discussion
  • Feedback and summary



Chair’s welcome

9:10AMKeynote interview

Reinventing ID, KYC and AML for the digital age

  • Understanding how much of our current identity and KYC process can be digitized, and how close we are to a trusted and easily accessible digital identity system
  • Data portability - achieving best-in-class, safe and secure identity systems that allow firms to offer products and services across borders
  • Analyzing variations in eID across the Americas
  • How the involvement of non-bank players (Facebook, Google…) in the identity and KYC space will affect the market going forward
  • Emerging trends in identity and KYC within broader society and non-financial services related industries
  • Insights into cross-bank collaborations on identity and KYC
  • Using technology to screen clients and transactions against government sanctions lists, and identify risk factors
  • Gaining efficiencies through integrating your KYC- and sanctions screening processes
  • Amy Harkins, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Head of Enterprise Client On-Boarding & Tax, BNY Mellon
  • Frederick Reynolds, Managing Director, Global Head of Financial Crime Legal Barclays

ID, KYC and AML within an increasingly demanding regulatory framework

  • Expected impact of PSD2 on our perception and handling of identity
  • How regulators are encouraging the adoption of new solutions to improve identity authentication and KYC
  • Complying with the 4th AML directive and KYC obligations in all the jurisdictions you operate in
  • Understanding the increasing impact of eIDAS and border controls on the financial sector
  • How regulations can encourage executive boards to address their digital risks responsibly
  • Paul Caulfield, Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, IDB Bank
  • Eileen Hedges, SME Client Onboarding Finance & Regulatory, Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets
  • Gaurav Golani, Executive Director - Head of Global Financial Crime Audit, Morgan Stanley Bank
  • Max Bolstad, Global Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Corruption Officer, MetLife

Biometrics to enhance identity authentication

  • Comparing the efficiency rates and costs of eye scanning, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition and voice recognition systems
  • How accurate and useful biometrics are for identity and KYC purposes
  • Risks associated with financial institutions using biometrics
  • Ensuring data security, and preventing theft of, biometric information

Mobile Connect – Leveraging Cell Phones as part of a Global Identity Infrastructure

This talk will illustrate a live pilot between the UK Cabinet Office and US Government, examining how infrastructure and standards developed for the eIDAS and NIST 800-63-3 frameworks can be leveraged to streamline account opening for US citizens in the UK (or British citizens in the US).
  • How cell phone data can be used to identify individuals across borders and provide strong assertions for financial institutions
  • Policy alignment across the eIDAS framework, NIST 800-63-3, KYC and AML regulations, as well as looking at the Commonwealth of Virginia Digital Identity Law
  • Ray Kimble, Strategic Partner, GSMA

Networking break


Collaboration to improve KYC and AML

Network at small tables, and join an interactive discussion with fellow attendees on the most pressing issues facing your industry. Topics include:
  • Using solutions such as RegTech to amalgamate client data between firms, and make KYC and AML more streamlined and more secure
Roundtable leaders:
  • Paul Caulfield, Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, IDB Bank
  • Gaurav Golani, Executive Director - Head of Global Financial Crime Audit, Morgan Stanley
  • Max Bolstad, Global Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Corruption Officer, MetLife
  • Jeffrey Brandt, Director, MUFG Securities

Privacy and data protection by design

  • How new identity and KYC technologies are responding to data protection obligations, by incorporating privacy into their design
  • Implementing organizational structures within your firm that encourage privacy and the protection of sensitive information
  • Understanding how compatible the use of Big Data for KYC is with incoming data protection obligations
  • Gaining consent from customers to use their high-quality identity data
  • The importance of Lex-Tech or legal innovation for data protection by design
  • Raheel Siddiqui, Vice President, Customer Due Diligence, Nordea
  • David Satola, Lead ICT Counsel, The World Bank

Leveraging electronic devices to identify individuals and avoid fraud

  • Identifying and locating mobile phones and computers
  • How cell phone data can be used to identify individuals across states and provide contra indicators, to make account opening more convenient and secure
  • How financial services firms can participate

Networking lunch


Open Discussion

Network at small tables, and join an interactive discussion with fellow attendees on the most pressing issues facing your industry. Suggested topics include:
  • Analyzing the impact of robotics on KYC and AML processes
Roundtable leaders:
  • Raheel Siddiqui, Vice President, Customer Due Diligence, Nordea
  • Howard Fields, Senior Vice President - Group Head of AML, Trade Sanctions & Export Controls Compliance Counsel, MasterCard

Blockchain for improved KYC

  • Analyzing the scope of blockchain to make KYC processes more consistent, reliable and cheaper
  • Recent real-life applications of blockchain for identity authentication
  • Which forms of identity authentication will be most readily accepted by regulators
  • Compatibility between using blockchain for identity verification and incoming data protection regulations

Networking break


Managing the identities of digital natives and e-commerce businesses

  • Developing a proprietary identity authentication system that is sensitive to the needs and concerns of digitally native clients
  • Combining KYC compliance with an onboarding process that is engaging for tech-savvy customers
  • Monitoring client behavior, to complete the AML process with scoring based on the digital identities of your users
  • Chris Phillips, Anti-Money Laundering Officer, Gain Capital Group LLC
  • Jeffrey Brandt, Director, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer, MUFG Securities
  • Anthony Monaco Senior Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer Spartan Capital Securities

Applications of Big Data for new and existing clients

  • Using big data to:
  • Risk-rank clients
  • Infuse new data into existing client profiles over time
  • Recognize triggers, and feed this into an ongoing onboarding process
  • Perform predictive modeling

User-friendly digital onboarding

  • Creating a streamlined, real-time and intuitive onboarding process
  • Complying with KYC requirements without sacrificing sign-up rate
  • Leading technological solutions that can facilitate a digital onboarding process
  • Converting the KYC and AML process into a competitive advantage - using the onboarding process as a platform to better understand your clients’ needs
  • Abhinav Gupta, Director of Product Management - Mobile, Platform and Web, Western Union
  • Sean Anderson, Founder and Chief Product Officer, Bento for Business
  • Howard Fields, Senior Vice President - Group Head of AML, Trade Sanctions & Export, MasterCard
  • Sarah Clark, General Manager-Identity, Mitek Systems

Chair’s summary and close of summit