September 2018 New York

KYC & AML Summit US

September 2018

We are pleased to have shared an extraordinary event with the ID & KYC community in New York on November 7, 2017.

We have begun preparations for next year, and look forward to seeing you in New York on November, 2018. Watch this space for updates, agenda, registration information and confirmed speakers.

ECN’s ID & KYC Summit US will explore how firms can reinvent identity authentication and KYC for the digital age to enable cheaper, quicker and more user-centric onboarding, for both individual and corporate clients. The program will also address how firms can collaborate on KYC, AML and sanctions issues, using the latest technologies to amalgamate client data and make these processes more streamlined and more secure.

Key topics include:

  • Impact of 4th AML and FinCEN’s CDD requirements on FIs
  • Real-world applications of innovative technologies and practices (biometrics, AI, Big Data, blockchain…) to reduce KYC burdens and improve AML
  • Privacy by design – ensuring Big Data practices and new KYC technologies are compatible with your data protection obligations
  • Managing the digital identities of millennial clients and e-commerce businesses
  • Improving the user experience during KYC and client onboarding
  • Implementing standards to avoid identity theft and security breaches
  • Collaboration and technology to make your AML more streamlined and secure
  • Innovating digitally as a business, while meeting your KYC, CDD and AML requirements
  • Roadmapping ID and KYC processes alongside an entity-centric identity model

Specifically designed for:

  • Head of Digital Identity
  • Head of KYC & Client Onboarding
  • MLRO
  • Head of AML & Fraud Prevention
  • Head of Client & Reference Data
  • Chief Privacy Officer
  • Head of Data Protection
  • Head of Sanctions
  • Head of Innovation
  • CTO
  • CISO
  • Chief Compliance Officer

What people said about last year's event:

“At Finance Edge’s ID & KYC Summit US, I was struck by the diversity of technology options – face and voice recognition, fingerprints and retinal scans, and digital identification numbers. Any bank that doesn’t act now will find itself behind, in an industry where these solutions are competing for market adoption and improving by the minute. I look forward to collaborating with subject matter experts across these fields on November 7.” Paul Caulfield, IDBBANK

“ECN’s summit was highly informative and touched many facets of KYC.” Betty Chen, Bloomberg

“The collaborative break-outs were a great way to share thoughts and connect with others.” Gerise Macaluso, Thomson Reuters

“The discussions have been very interesting, and the the topics very relevant.” Margarita Perez, Deutsche bank

“Good caliber attendees, and great interactivity during the roundtable discussions.” Conor Murphy, GBG


Network with leading decision makers from:

  • Banks
  • Investment managers
  • PSPs
  • Insurance companies
  • Regulators
  • Software firms
  • Consultants
  • Law firms
  • Brokers
  • Exchanges
  • Software firms

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What people will tell you about last year Eventry conference

  • The discussion has been very interesting. The topics discussed very relevant in the actual environment for the financial industry.

    Margarita Perez

    Margarita Perez

    Deutsche Bank
  • Having exhibited at both the fantastic London and New York RegTech Summits I can highly recommend both for the quality of discussions and caliber of attendees. Directly based on the positive feedback we received at the 2016 US RegTech Summit we decided to open our first international office in New York (in Jan 2017)

    Shane Brett

    Shane Brett

    GECKO Governance - CEO

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